2016 Fall Leadership Retreat

leadership-retreat-2016We just finished our annual Leadership Retreat at Pilgrim Point Camp. Thirty Board members, staff, and chairs of various committees, teams, and work groups spent two days learning about good governance and imagining new ways of working together to advance the mission of the MNCUCC. And we had some fun in the process!

Heather Kimmel and Richard Hilbrich, the General Counsel and Associate General Counsel of the United Church of Christ, were our keynote presenters.  

We discussed principles of good governance.  These principles include being accountable to and concerned with the health and well-being of the entire conference, exhibiting a clear and unified vision and mission, and functioning with transparency and openness. fall-leadership-retreat

We talked about the Board’s work of discerning the movement of the Spirit in the Conference, providing strategic direction, and providing oversight of our ministry and resources.  We discussed the ways that the Board of Directors are entrusted with the mission of the Conference, and we heard the ways the work of various committees, teams, and work groups fit into the overall mission of the Conference.

Governance conversations get a bad rap.  People hear governance and imagine boring or even painful conversations that remind them of a dentist’s waiting room or sitting in a dental chair.  Not this time!  Retreat participants were engaged and focused.  We recognize that good governance is crucial for the Minnesota Conference if we want to live out our mission as effectively as possible.  Good governance allows us to be faithful to God and to be good stewards of the gifts God has given the Minnesota Conference of the UCC.  Deepening the faithfulness of the Minnesota Conference is very interesting indeed! 

We also enjoyed meals together, socializing, high stakes team building competitions, and, of course, the beauty of Pilgrim Point.     

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Todd Smith Lippert

Senior Minister, First UCC Northfield

Vice Moderator, Conference Board of Directors