Mission, Values, and Priorities

The Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ is the state-wide organization that equips UCC pastors to lead, 2016 AM in reveiwsupports congregations, engages in transformative mission and witness, and guides youth and adults on their faith journeys. We are a progressive Christian denomination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to invite and equip inspired Christian leaders and communities.

Our Core Values

  • Faithfulness: Seeking to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we live out the shared commitments of the United Church of Christ: continuing testament, extravagant welcome, and changing lives.
  • Stewardship: Responding to God’s call to be faithful stewards of creation, we practice generosity and forward-looking, responsible and transparent use of resources. We value each person’s unique gifts of time, talent and treasure.
  • Empowerment: Affirming multiple approaches to accomplish God’s work, we identify and develop diverse leaders, share resources and information, and responsibly delegate accountability and authority to act.
  • Innovation: Risking for the Gospel, we discover, implement and share new ministry practices. We recognize and celebrate creative and courageous efforts when they succeed and when they fail.
  • Justice: Serving with compassion and advocating with passion, we seek a more just and peaceful world. We work to eliminate social, cultural and racial barriers, honoring each individual as created in the image of God.

Strategic Priorities: Bold Inspirational Goals

To fulfill our vision and live up to our values, the Conference’s priorities are to:

  1. Help clergy and lay leaders develop leadership skills in a rapidly changing world.
  2. Support and encourage healthy, vital congregations that are welcoming of everyone.
  3. Foster faith formation for youth and adults throughout their faith journeys.
  4. Bring new focus to justice, service, and mission work across Minnesota.