First Congregational Church of Aldrich

AldrichFirst Congregational Church of Aldrich is located in central Minnesota, between Staples and Wadena, about 45 miles west of Brainerd.  They have a lay pastor, David Seaton.  Their attendance is down slightly (from 11 to 9) due to illnesses and those in nursing homes who cannot attend.  With a membership of 12, that’s still a great attendance percentage.  The congregation celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013.  They are now in a roofing project due to last year’s storms.  They try to keep awareness for all their members.  They pray for the world issues and for their local members.  They often pray for our government, law enforcement, and teachers.  They support the area with collections for the Verndale and Wadena food shelves.  They support the Conference with 5 for 5 funds (Yes, with a membership of 12, they are a 5 for 5 church!).  The wish of the church members is to be able to continue services for their area.  The congregation is mostly made up of those whose families have worshiped there for a long time.