How Giving to OCWM is like Becoming a Public Radio Member

– Barb Jeffries, OCWM Subcommittee member

OCWM Brochure CoverIt is true. I am a member of public radio. I love classical music and enjoy many of their other programs while at home and in the car. There are really three reasons why I’m a member:

  1. I use the services provided by public radio. If people who use the services don’t contribute, we won’t have them. We’ll only have 24 hours of commercials occasionally interrupted by programming. (OK, I’m exaggerating!) In other words, I feel I have a moral obligation to make a donation to this organization.
  2. Even when I don’t actually listen to public radio, I appreciate that it is always there if I should want it. If I can’t sleep, I know I can turn on the radio and be relaxed by the music.
  3. I realize that there are other listeners who cannot afford to be a member or to give. Since I am blessed with enough resources to contribute, I’m happy to pick up some of that obligation on behalf of those who cannot.

So, how is that like giving to OCWM? Our Church’s Wider Mission is how churches financially support all the state and national ministries of our denomination including:

  • Pilgrim Point,
  • statewide youth events,
  • oversight of professional standards for clergy,
  • church consultations,
  • justice ministries,
  • congregational renewal,
  • lay and clergy training,
  • annual meeting and
  • conferences on a variety of topics annually.

UCC churches in Minnesota USE these services. If they do not contribute to their support, those services will not be there. Even if some of the services aren’t being used at the moment (for example if your church does not expect to need to recruit new clergy soon), supporting the Conference will ensure they will be there when needed.

Some UCC churches in Minnesota are very strong financially, others are not so much. When financially strong churches give more than their “fair share”, they are demonstrating their belief in how important it is that we have a vibrant denomination that is here to support ALL of its member churches.

No matter how much is given, your gifts are appreciated for the important work they make possible.

Barb Jeffries
OCWM Subcommittee

Learn more about making a donation to OCWM here.

Our Church's Wider Mission