Legal notices

Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ
Web Policies and Procedures
(approved by the Board of Directors 03.03.12)
Goal of the MN Conference Websites: To provide access to information and resources which support and enhance the life, mission, and ministries of local UCC congregations; to be a primary vehicle of communication with individuals and congregations in the Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ.  The Confernece website also serves people who may be searching for a church and/or denomination.  The Pilgrim Point Camp Website exists to promote the use and programs of Pilgrim Point Camp.

Policy on Target Audience of Websites: The Minnesota Conference Websites provide information and services relating to the Conference’s mission and programs.  Our primary purpose is to serve

  • UCC congregations, clergy and current congregation members;
  • Conference board, committees, work groups, teams and task forces;
  • Conference volunteers and staff members.

Content of the Websites: The websites will present several types of information (for which presentation goals and standards may differ):

  • Public information for potential UCC congregation members, including links to congregations and the national UCC website
  • Public information, primarily for UCC congregation members and clergy
  • Information for various special interest groups.

Policy on Posting Material on the MN Conference Websites: Congregations, Conference entities and related organizations can request that simple listings for events be included within the Conference website under the following conditions.  The primary test of appropriateness will be whether posting the material furthers the mission of the Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ.

  • The request must be in writing (including email) from someone reasonably believed by the Web Steward or his/her designee to be responsible for the entity.  Although the requesting organization may be consulted on placement of any information, the final decision about placement shall be by the Web Steward or his/her designee.
  • If the organization requesting the listing is listed in the Annual Directory of the Minnesota Conference and the content of the requested listing reasonably furthers the mission of the Minnesota Conference, then the Web Steward or his/her designee may approve the listing.
  • If the Web Steward or his/her designee has any doubts as to the appropriateness of any requested posting, they shall delay posting and consult with the Conference Minister.


  • Every attempt will be made to accommodate all listings in a timely manner, but no guarantee of timing shall be given.
  • Those requesting a posting may be asked to provide the following information:
    1. Why should the material being submitted be posted?  What is the need to have it on the website?
    2. What is the audience?
    3. When should it appear, and when should it be taken down?
    4. How should the material be laid out?  What format (e.g., HTML or PDF) should be used?  Is the size of the material appropriate for downloading?
    5. In detail, what is the content?  What should the headline say?  Are there appropriate images (which can be appropriate for such a visual medium)?
    6. Is the material in a format that can be easily handled by the web designers?
    7. Who “owns” the material?  Who serves as a contact for inquiries from the public?  Who can answer technical questions from the web designers?
    8. If the material is copyrighted, can it be verified that you have permission to use it?
  • Note that if an email address, name, phone number, street address of a contact is included as a part of the submitted announcement, this constitutes permission from that individual to use this information on the website.

Policy on Providing Links to Other Websites: The Minnesota Conference website will provide links to other websites that meet the following criteria:

  • The entity is in relationship with the Conference, is currently a part of the Conference structure, or should/could be listed in the Conference Directory; or
  • The entity has active connections with the Conference.  There is ongoing networking between the Conference and this group.
  • The entity provides services recommended by a staff member or group of the Conference to have the potential to strengthen and/or enhance a particular ministry of the Conference.

The Conference will not host websites for individual congregations.  We will provide links to congregational websites.  The Conference Minister is ultimately responsible for decisions about who to host on the website.  The links to third-party websites are provided for the convenience of our website users.  They are not an endorsement by the Minnesota Conference of their content, and the Minnesota Conference and said third parties are not engaged in a legally-recognized partnership or joint venture. We are not responsible for the content or practices of linked sites, nor do we make any warranties about the content or accuracy of materials on linked third-party websites.

Policy on Children: The Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ does not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of eighteen (18) for the purpose of the website.  If you are under eighteen (18) years of age, please do not give us any personal data.  If you have reason to believe that a child has provided personal data to the Minnesota Conference website, please contact us, and we will endeavor to delete that information from our databases.  As we develop online programs for children, we will adopt appropriate policies and practices to protect the privacy of children.

The Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ does not identify names or addresses of children who may appear in photographs on our website.

Oversight: The Conference Minister is responsible for oversight and administration of all communications within and about the Conference (from Conference Minister’s position description).