Vitality, Renewal, Vision (VRV)

Minnesota Vitality MinistryIn 2012, the Conference launched our own, in-house VRV (Vitality, Renewal, Vision) program as part of our strategic shift toward promoting healthy, vital congregations. Each congregation has a basic need to have well-attended worship, good finances, and a strong mission, and VRV helps them get there.

Through VRV, the Conference provides congregations with seminars, coaching groups, and one-on-one consultations. Pastors who participate walk away feeling energized and knowing how to do their ministry in a time of great change. Lay people participate, too, and learn ways to improve the life of their congregation.

So far, over 25% of Conference churches have taken part in VRV. These are difficult times for churches, but, through VRV, the Conference is helping congregations flourish.

“As congregations strive for relevancy in a changing culture, the resources, tools, trainings, and personal care have been instrumental over this past year. Thank you.” — VRV coaching group participant

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