Next Generation Leadership Initiative – Target 2030

Hopefully you have heard by now about the investment in young transformational leaders and the church of the future through the Next Generation Leadership Initiative. The Pension Boards is seeking to contribute to the greater good by encouraging, equipping and sustaining young clergy for service in local congregations of the United Church of Christ.

Here’s a video that tells the NGLI story:

Next Generation Leadership Inititative - Video

Those selected for participating in NGLI receive:

* Ten years of advanced training and education to hone their pastoral leadership skills and gifts for service to the Church,
* Participation in a cohort of colleagues that encourages, challenges, and reflects together on the life of a local church pastor in the twenty-first century,

* Financial incentive-a $10,000 seed contribution is made to the participant’s Annuity Plan account, which should have a value of approximately $75,000 at the end of a 35-year career. (Figures based on an assumed growth rate of 6% per year over a 35-year period.  It will be 50% vested at the end of the fourth year and fully vested at the end of the tenth year.)

We have identified ideal candidates as:

* 35 years of age or under at the point of admission to NGLI,
* Authorized for ministry in and on behalf of the UCC by an Association/Conference,
* Having served a total of five years or less as an authorized minister in a parish,
* Holding a called position of 20 hours per week or more in a parish setting,

* Committed to long-term ministry in local churches of the United Church of Christ.

For more information visit the NGLI website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rev. Krista Betz at or 800-642-6543 x2716.  Notice of intention to apply is due March 27 – so don’t delay!