Peace Fund Application 2016 from Justice & Witness

Peace Fund Application Form – 2016. The Justice and Witness Team is working to move UCC congregations toward a path of advocacy. As the prophets of old spoke out against social injustice, local UCC congregations must join together to speak as one voice for justice for all. The Peace Fund offers your church grant dollars up to $500 toward a program or project of your choosing that will further the church’s social justice advocacy. It is renewable!

2016 Ashley Micro-Grant Application

This form is used to request congregational micro-grants of $200-$700 from the Ashley Endowment. Grants must support the congregation’s ministry and work with children, youth and/or families.

Peace Fund Common Form Grant Application

This form is required for a grant of $401-$2,500. Please see more information on the Minnesota Common Grant Form and its uses at

Peace Fund Short Form Grant Application

Review and follow the Justice and Witness Team Grant Policies. Use this form only to apply for grants up to $400. For amounts greater than $400, use the Common Grant Application Form. Please fill in all blanks. Use “NA” if an item is not applicable to your project or activity.