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2015 Annual Report – Immigration Team

-from Suzie George, Immigration Team, Chair This year we did some follow up work regarding the “Bed Quota Resolution” that was passed at the 2014 Annual meeting. Our Conference Moderator sent a letter to strategic political and religious leaders informing them of the resolution and what says and what we believe and what we want… Read more »

2015 Annual Report – Wade Zick, Associate Conference Minister of Faith Formation for Children and Youth

In the past year I have had the great fortune of working and leading an amazing team of colleagues that included Zac Norenberg, Gigi Nauer, Robin Raudabaugh, Jenny Buskey and Jessica Holmgren. Their commitment to ministry excellence is an amazing gift to the conference! I will miss their friendships and commitment to excellence that they… Read more »

2015 Annual Report – Vitality Team

-from Rev. Eliot Howard, Vitality Team, Chair The duties of the Vitality Team are to: * Offer resources, trainings and activities for individuals and congregations in the conference; * Refer individual and congregations to appropriate resources, trainings and activities for individuals and congregations in the conference; * Help congregations identify and build on their strengths;… Read more »

2015 Annual Report – Shari Prestemon, Conference Minister

As I reflect on what has been a very fast-paced and full year in my ministry with you as your Conference Minister, I would offer the following highlights. Visioning and Planning An enormous amount of time was dedicated this year to discerning  future possibilities at Pilgrim Point Camp and more broadly in the Conference.  Utilizing… Read more »

2015 Annual Report – Personnel Committee

-from Amanda Arnold, Personnel Committee, Chair The members of the Conference Personnel Committee were: Amanda Arnold, Rev. Molly Cox, Maggie George, Mandy Hackerson, Rev. Abigail Henderson, Rev. Bryan Olson, and Rev. Gary Titusdahl. The committee met quarterly at Mayflower UCC in Minneapolis and we again thank them for their continued willingness to provide meeting space… Read more »

2015 Annual Report – Global Partnerships Team

-from Jessica Allen, Global Partnerships Team, Chair The Global Partnerships team has had a busy and diverse year.  We continued nurturing our partnership with the Minnesota Conference’s sister jurisdiction in the Philippines, while working to deepen our own theological understanding of globalization, and addressing other issues as they arose. As I wrote last year’s annual… Read more »

2015 Annual Report – Faith Formation Team

-from Lori Alford, Faith Formation Team, Chair Our objective as a team is to support the on-going faith formation ministry in the conference, including the oversight, advocacy, and distribution of the Ashley endowment. Events supported throughout the year by the team included four Conference Youth Events at Pilgrim Point Camp and six Fourth Thursday Faith… Read more »

2015 Annual Report – Resource Center for Churches

-from Lizabeth Bougie, Resource Center for Churches, Director There are many places to find ministry resources.  In addition to UCC Resources and Pilgrim Press, AUCE recommends resources. You no doubt have your favorite sources:  publications and publishers, websites and blogs, online forums and trusted colleagues. The Congregational Resource Guide has recently reappeared; anyone can type… Read more »