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General Synod Daily Updates

Synod Blog – July 4, 2017 Submitted by Rev. Jacob Kanake Make Glad the City of God: Be Still Know I am God (Ps 46) This is the last update of the 31st United Church of Christ General Synod that met in Baltimore, Maryland from June 29 to July 4, 2017. The conference was attended by 2,751… Read more »

New Beginnings Leads to a New Pastor and a New Name for New Journey United Church of Christ

The UCC Church in Hutchinson Minnesota has been on quite a journey.  After the retirement of longtime pastor, Brian Brosz, the church decided to take time to examine themselves and their church rather than immediately form a search committee for a new minister.  Under the guidance of Pastor Cindy Mueller, the congregation participated in the… Read more »

2015 Annual Report – Resource Center for Churches

-from Lizabeth Bougie, Resource Center for Churches, Director There are many places to find ministry resources.  In addition to UCC Resources and Pilgrim Press, AUCE recommends resources. You no doubt have your favorite sources:  publications and publishers, websites and blogs, online forums and trusted colleagues. The Congregational Resource Guide has recently reappeared; anyone can type… Read more »

Learn the New UCC Profile System

Learn the New UCC Profile System Workshops with Rev. Malcolm Himschoot The Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ and UTS welcome all authorized ministers, Members in Discernment, and interested mentors and advisors to attend all or part of this two-day event: Day One: “Searching for Change and Changing the Search: New Tools and… Read more »

Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM): Changing Lives

OCWM: Our Church’s Wider Mission. What exactly is that? OCWM is the shared funds of the United Church of Christ that makes all we do at Association, Conference, national, and global levels possible. And it starts with local congregations! Local congregations make important decisions about how much OCWM they will give to support the wider… Read more »