Why we support the Minnesota Conference UCC

Supporting the Minnesota Conference makes Rev. Frank Bennett, Assoc. Minister for Pastoral Care at Wayzata Community church, and his wife, Mary Lenard, very happy indeed!
Annalese Wright, Development Officer for the Minnesota Conference UCC, recently had a conversation with Rev. Frank Bennett, member of the Conference’s Board of Directors and ministry staff at Wayzata Community Church, about why he and his wife, Mary Lenard, choose to give generously to the Minnesota Conference.

When you last made a donation to the Conference, how did that make you feel?
Happy. Proud to support an organization doing tremendous work. It makes us feel hopeful that our donation will contribute to the future of the Minnesota Conference of the UCC – to ensure there is a future.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating to the Conference?
That this is a great faith-based organization that makes effective use of every donation. That their donation would have significant impact, and there would be tangible evidence of their support for their denomination and the work that it does supporting congregations, members and clergy as we work to bring peace on earth a little closer to reality.

Why do you donate to the Conference?
We give because we continue to be impressed with the results the Conference is able to achieve and the programs it offers with the resources it has. There are some organizations that do little with a lot of money, and then there are organizations like this Conference that do a lot with so little. We’re enjoying the benefits of being members of the United Church of Christ, we view it as our responsibility to support it. It’s part duty, but it’s also wanting to ensure that the UCC has the resources it needs to grow and develop. A donation to the Conference has tremendous impact on 132 churches and nearly 30,000 members. It’s really hard to find another organization where you can make that kind of impact.

Please consider joining me in making your contribution to the Annual Fund today! By making your gift today, you will make a tremendous difference in helping the Minnesota Conference continue in our mission work, and provide program offerings for churches, families, clergy and lay leaders.
Please make your donation before December 31st!
Thank you, and merry Christmas from the Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ!