Women’s Retreat ~ A time of Weaving Baskets and Life Stories

cropped-group-photoLast weekend, almost 50 women gathered at Pilgrim Point Camp for a Women’s Retreat.  Workshop Leader Kaila Russell led the women in a weekend of connecting the ordinary skill of basket weaving with the sacred as they noticed the parallels of weaving and their life’s journey.  The act of weaving creates a space to share stories and realize that we are connected – woven together in lots of different ways.

Here is what participants share of their experience from the weekend:

  • fb_img_1474777391880I have wanted to attend the Women’s Retreat for years, but it never seemed to work out.  This year, five women from our church attended.  This was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life – making baskets and sharing life stories.  What amazed me was the baskets all started out the same, but each ended up as unique as the weaver. Gigi and the staff were so caring and helpful.  Oh, and the food was wonderful!
  • The retreat was fantastic!  Kaila is the most affirming woman I have ever met. Robin Raudabaugh’s communion invitation humanized the gift of bread and wine. Gigi Nauer obviously loves what she does, and is infectious! This annual weekend is about more than a weekend away from work and dishes.  It is a weekend of bonding with other women over life issues, a personal introspection, an opportunity to positively impact someone in need, and a chance to simply be grateful.
  • I had a wonderful time at the women’s retreat! The atmosphere of acceptance and permission to relax and care for ourselves and each other was exactly what I needed. Weaving baskets was a wonderfully symbolic exercise in acceptance of our flaws, being kind to ourselves, and recognizing our beauty. I made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and left feeling refreshed and strengthened to face my everyday life again. I wish it was longer than two nights! Pilgrim Point is a wonderful place to relax and energize. Being there with loving women from all over the state was a very special treat. I’m definitely going back next year.
  • I absolutely loved the entire weekend and enjoyed making many new friends across the Conference.  The basket weaving activity and inspirational messaging felt like the entire weekend was designed just for me.  Thank you to everyone that had a hand in making it such a success.
  • Last weekend I went to the Women’s Retreat at Pilgrim Point.  I loved how Kaila led us all in weaving our stories into our baskets, it’s something that will stay with me forever.  Everyone is very welcoming and I always felt like I was a part of something great!  I am already planning on attending next year.  Thank you to all who helped make this a wonderful experience.
  • I found that the whole of the weekend, with Taize and the basket weaving, so lovingly led by wonderful women, to be very meditative. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Each Fall there is a Women’s Retreat at Pilgrim Point Camp & Retreat Center in Alexandria.  If you didn’t sign up this year, based on these comments you won’t want to miss out next year.