Working Group on Just Peace in Palestine and Israel

The goal in the coming year is to engage our churches all over the state in conversations and actions toward supporting peace in the Holy Land.  We aim to connect Twin Cities Metro churches with existing community resources, while also creating spaces for this work in communities where our church members would otherwise have to travel long distances to participate in interfaith programs or lectures on the conflict and the church’s Global Ministries.  At the Annual Meeting 2016, watch for resources you can bring to your church, including speakers, videos, curriculum, and more.  Contact Rev. Emily Goldthwaite Fries at to connect with our team!

In the meantime, a few updates since the passage of the resolution last summer in MN and at Synod:

  • The UCC sent a delegation of leaders including President Rev. John Dorhauer and Justice and Witness head Rev. Traci Blackmon to visit Global Ministries partners all over the Middle East.
  • The MN Conference is planning a trip for January 2017 — there’s no better way to build a relationship and understand the conflict than visiting yourself.
  • United Church Funds is already divesting from most of the companies named in our resolution for their profit off of the occupation and West Bank settlements.  Such economic leverage around the world is working as a powerful tool to nonviolent change: just this month, both G4S (private prison/security firm) and Ahava cosmetics have responded to divestment and boycott.  Read more at these blog links: Mondoweiss and Richard Silverstein.
  • From the UCC is an action alert encouraging UCC members to call upon President Obama to ensure that military aid to Israel is in compliance with our laws defending human rights.  Let him know that you care about peace and security for all people.