Zion UCC, Le Sueur

Zion UCC is a church in a changing town. For many years, Le Sueur had been the headquarters of Green Giant. Since Green Giant moved its corporate offices, the town has been shifting from a white collar community to a blue collar one with an increasing Hispanic population. Zion has a strong working relationship with other local churches to address the changing needs of their community.
They have two pastors: Rev. Kent A. Meyer, Ph.D., senior pastor, and Rev. Jean Sidner (UMC), visitation pastor. The average attendance is just over 100. Zion has a 9am Sunday service regularly and a 10:30am service on the 1st & 3rd Sundays.
Zion UCC was founded in 1869 as a merger of Lutheran and Reformed German immigrants. They were introduced to the German Evangelical Synod by a pastor from St. Paul’s church in Henderson. Two small rural Evangelical churches shared some ministries together with Zion and later joined with Zion. In three years, the church will celebrate their 150th Anniversary!
Zion has a long history of involvement in the community and the world. Currently, Zion is a member of the Le Sueur Henderson Ministerial Association, which sponsors ecumenical worship services and community outreach. Zion was involved in setting up the Le Sueur Food Shelf in 1978. Annual offerings are gathered for the food shelf and other local charitable groups.
Zion has also been involved with the wider church. From early on, the people of Zion supported seminary education. The church has sent 6 people into ordained ministry. Several members from Zion have served on the Conference Board of Directors and other Conference committees.
Many of Zion’s members, including younger members, were raised in the church and feel a strong family connection. Those who have joined after moving to Le Sueur noted the friendliness and openness of the congregation as reasons for joining. The congregation is at its best when they are working together, whether on a fund-raiser or a community service project.
If you are ever in Le Sueur, stop by and check them out!